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you can see that march 15th and we have to do is a lot of these filmings nowadays will be available on demand. it's a new way they found out how to make money off of these films that wouldn't oversee have an opportunity to get an audience. >> well, brett, thank you very much. you work far too hard and i'm glad you're back from utah. >> i have so much swag for you when you get back, a hoodie, ice toner gloves you can text with, shave gel and these minutes are devine. >> i need a mint badly. brett, thank you so much. someone is always as you know in our war room, so please check us out on line at check out our exclusive web extras. thank you for joining us here. jennifer's back to really. have a great night.
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>> cenk: welcome to "the young turks. another day another shooting. >> we're covering the country's latest multiple shooting i want on a college campus. >> the first thing i could think of was the shootings on the other school campuses. >> cenk: when is it going to be you? when are we going to do something about it. here's a guy who doesn't want to do a damn thing mitch mcconnell. >> i think the president's nag recall address was disappointing, it was basically a liberal agenda, directed at an america that we still believe is
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set to right. >> cenk: you would be wrong about that, because we just had an election and it turns out we're not center right we voted for the liberal agenda. somebody wake that guy up. really important in sports, internet pioneer and activist committed suicide because the government was coming after him. amazing new information about that. we're going to have his lawyer on the show to talk about it. >> i know this case was weighing heavily on his mind and a significant source of stress for him. >> yes he stole information but it was not worth what they were putting him through. >> cenk: turns out that the government might have another reason because schwartz might be a wikileaks source. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> cenk: multiple people have been shot at a school in houston, texas. >> shots fired at the loan star college, multiple shots fired at this college and that at least four people have been shot. >> i heard so much like a guy got shot in the legs. i don't know if somebody got killed. >> this government infringes on our second amendment right, we will do everything we can to push back against that. >> the crowd erupted in applause when governor perry even alluded to arming texas teachers. >> we've got to bring everything to the table and protect our children. >> the school is under control. >> an altercation between two individuals. >> one shooter was also shoot. >> we do know that there was a handgun involved. >> they arrived to duel it out with each other. >> there was a maintenance man shot due to friendly crossfire.
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>> cenk: here we go again another shooting at another school. do you know that that's the fifth shooting at a school in 2013? we're still in the first month of 2013! we haven't made it out of january and we've had five school shootings. three people wounded in this one. cmn, along with everyone else carried the tragic news throughout the day and this is what you've been looking at all day. >> we're following breaking developments now. this news out of houston. there are reports of multiple shots fired at a community college, several shots fired at the loan star college on the north side of houston texas. >> this is in north harris county. this is just note of houston texas. the affiliate there reporting that they are hearing now that multiple people were shot regarding this college campus, loan star college. >> cenk: when is it going to be
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your town, your campus? tick-tock, tick-tock. we're going to hear from a witness. i want you to think when is it going to be my son daughter, my mother, my father in a moment like this? >> you called your mother. did you talk to your mom? what did you tell your mom? >> i told my mom that someone was shooting in the building and that i didn't know what was going to happen. >> cenk: when is it ever going to be enough. on this same exact day we find out news that in the house it looks like the republicans are not going to budge an inch on gun control. let's bring in somebody from the house. keith ellison is democratic from minnesota and chairman of the congressional caucus. that you can for joining us. >> pleasure to be here, cenk. >> cenk: let's start talking about gun control. reports are that the republicans are going to say no to the
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assault weapons ban the high capacity magazine ban and background checks and everything else so how in the world do you react if that's their position? >> i think that's a moral failure, proves that they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of n.r.a. they don't represent the districts they come from, they represent gun manufacturers weapon manufacturers who traffic in death, and this is a stain on them. of course, they can clean themselves up if they step up and do what's right by the american people. you know, who knows whether they'll do that at this point they seem to have dug themselves in, but i can't believe most of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle agree with that. of course, you know, it's not most people who dell the outcome, it's a few and those few seem to be intimidating the many, i guess. i like to think they want to do the right thing but lack the courage to do it. i hope that would be the case.
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i would be disturbed to think most of my colleagues are really on the side of these people who traffic in death and who won't do anything to protect america's school kids. >> cenk: well, of course they are. if you weren't sure, senator mcconnell is going to prove that to you in a campaign letter he sent out. dear patriot you and i are literally surrounded. >> cenk: that's senator mcconnell's office sending that out. i guess he's calling you a gun-grabber. how do you respond? >> of course, he's appealing to people's fears misrepresenting the truth. nobody is trying the take a gun away. i'm a gun owner but i have no fear that i'm going to lose my right to own a gun just because
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we're going to get control over high capacity clips weapons of war and do some background checks. gun owners don't agree with mitch mcconn they will. most say look, you know, this thing here is a tool, that's all it is, and if people are going to abuse it and misuse it, let's get rules to stop them from doing that to protect america's school kids and everybody. it's just a brazen falsity and just a sad -- but it only means that we have got to stiffen our resolve. if they're resolved to stop any kind of gun sanity, we've got to have a greater resolve to bring sanity. we've got to organize, be there fashion ourselves into a real political force. >> cenk: so that's really interesting. i want to talk about what form that resolve will take. you've got 85% of the country
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including 75% of n.r.a. members saying we need background checks on whoever buys a gun. the n.r.a. represent manufacturers and the republicans apparently represent the same gun manufacturers. >> right. >> cenk: how do you take an 85% or 58% in favor of high capacity weapon ban and use that for actual change? >> first make it the issue. everybody running in every district all 435 districts in america ought to get a questionnaire from people who want same gun safety rules. are you for the people, or are you for the n.r.a. and gun manufacturers. anybody who doesn't answer the question right ought to be not receive the support of the people who they're seeking the support from. bottom line is we've got to get political, ask the question, we've got to hold people accountable, and the n.r.a. is ahead of us on this. they've got more people in the
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database than we do. we've got to gather the data, we've got to get messages out and be relentless about it. the truth is, we ought to be able to beat them, because what we have on our side is basic sanity and common sense. that what we have on our side is gunshot victims survivors people who have been severely wounded like my dear friend gabrielle giffords. we've got orphans a young man from my district, sammy a high school senior, lost his father in a gun shooting, right now from my office, only a few weeks ago. bottom line is we've got the better case to make and maybe because our case is so much better we think we don't have to organization as much, but we do. >> cenk: right. congressman ellison you've got to take me inside the democratic caucus. on so many issues, you have overwhelming advantage in the polls. 80% of the country is in reality
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pro choice. democrats run from that issue. how do you have 80% of the country on your side and you run from that issue? dems have been running from the gun control issue when on background checks, you've got 85% of the country with you. inside the caucus, do your fellow democrats understand that or are they going to run again away from this issue instead of towards this issue in the next election? >> well, you know, what i think happens is the bulk of the caucus is like let's do something, stand up for a woman's right to choose, stand up for background checks. you get people in close districts, rural districts and they say look, if you push this, this is going to make us lose our seats answered if we lose our seats you're not going to have a chance for a majority. >> cenk: so what, though? >> you asked me what is going on and i'm telling you. >> cenk: i know, and i appreciate it. i know you're one of the good guise. the reason i jumped in there by
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saying so what, so ok, they tell you hales if you actually do these progressive priorities, we won't have a majority anymore but if you don't do the progressive priorities, what's the point of the majority? >> well, absolutely, you're right. one of the things i loved about president obama's speech yesterday is he did the obvious thing. he stated his values clearly and unapologetically. i think if you actually say what you believe, because a lot of these people who are scared to do the right thing they say they want to do the right thing but they don't because they fear the n.r.a. and these other groups. bottom line is if you follow your values, and you explain things to people and help them understand that you're for them, the bottom line is you're going to win. that's actually good policy and good politics, but you've got to have some faith. >> it's not just the voters in rural districts. they're scared of the money. the n.r.a.'s going to spend a ton of money against them.
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>> no doubt about it. no doubt about it, but see his opinion that we had some democrats who are very much in favor of the n.r.a. position and they lost, because folks who are for gun sanity came in against them. that happened in a few jurisdictions across this country. the tide is turning but a few people like michael bloomberg and people who are unafraid to say what you believe in and put the position that most americans want are key to this whole thing, but you can't avoid going door to door knocking, organizing and fashioning yourself into a real political force. i think if we do that, we'll win. >> cenk: one more question. you mentioned the inauguration. mcconnell dame out with a bills czar statement. i want to play that for you are and get your reaction. >> ok. >> i think the president's inaugural address was disappointing in the sense that
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it was basically a liberal agenda directed at an america that we still believe is center right. >> cenk: you know, they're amazing. on what planet are they on. he does the liberal agenda because he's democratic president. i know that part, but how do you react to this wall of obstruction? >> here's the thing. mr. mcconnell said his goal was to make obama a one-term president. he didn't do it. he lost, and so, mcconnell came up short and maybe now he'll see the light and actually put getting america back to work as the top priority, not trying to attack obama. >> cenk: so far, it looks like he's still in a dark, dark tunnel. >> i think he's still in the twilight zone. >> congressman stay with us, because i want to talk to you about your bill on oil subsidies. it's amazing that it hasn't already passed unanimously.
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please stay with us. we're going to come right back and talk about that. >> at a time when big oil companies are making more main than ever before, we're still giving them $4 billion of your tax dollars in subsidies every year. you remember, congress should be >> i think it's brilliant. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. (vo) followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. bill press and stephanie miller. >> what a way to start the day.
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[ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you
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fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. >> cenk: we're back on "young turks." in a time when people pretend to care on the deficits, the numbers we give outen oh oil subsidies are insane. president obama's been fighting back. he had a significant portion of his weekly address march, 2012 on this very topic. >> at a time big oil companies are making more money than ever before, we're still giving them $4 billion of your tax dollars in subsidies every year. your member of congress should be fighting for you not for big financial firms or big oil companies. i expect congress to vote on ending these subsidies.
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when they do, we're going to put every single member of congress object record. they can either stand up for the oil companies or they can stand up for the american people. >> cenk: now, you're going to be shocked. it turns out they stood up for the oil companies. they don't work fours they work for their donors. $2.4 billion is the bill from senator menendez that would ever taken away $4 billion is the build up president obama suggested. the reality is at a bare minimum, overall oil subsidies are $10 billion. now, if you include the cost of defending shipping lanes, et cetera the cost actually for oil subsidies winds up being $52 billion a year! now look, even if you took the smallest number, $10 billion a year why are we giving $10 billion a year to the most profitable companies in the the world? what happened to the free market? they're liars. they never cared about the free
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market and they certainly don't care about their voters. they care about the guys that got them elected the big donors. that's exactly what the republican party stands for and unfortunately some portion of the democratic party. one guy fighting back, senator ellison. he introduced a bill. >> it's called the end polluter welfare act. senator bernie sanders and i have joined up to in produce this bill, and you might be surprised to know, cenk, that we found $110 billion over 10 years worth of subsidies. for example the b.p. oil spill which ruined the gulf, that was -- they didn't foot the bill for that. you and i did. they were able to write that off against their taxes. they get this thing called the masters limited partnership giving them $4.4 billion over the enyears.
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what that allows them to do is do some tricky stuff with corporate taxation in order to escape corporate taxes. they just go on and on. they claim they're a manufacturing industry they get a tax break for that. there's just a ton of little goodies in there for the most profitable industry in the world, and i think that chef ron and exxon mobil don't need my money. i think they're doing fine and i think they ought to be out there in the free market like they claim they want to be. >> cenk: let's talk about that free market. in the first half of 2012, the oil companies just in half a year got over $60 billion worth of profit. >> yikes! >> cenk: $60 billion in profits. >> that's pretty good new that's great. why do they need our money? why do they need subsidies. >> because they want more. >> cenk: it's an inescapable conclusion that your colleagues are bought, corrupt they take
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money and that is $105 million spent lobbying congress from just the top five oil companies. they pay this to the congressmen and cents and buy them, purchase them. they're institutionally corrupt. in reality, this should be a unanimous vote, stop giving our money away to the most profitable companies in the world. >> as our republican friends are just repeating the mantra that the deficit is ruining america the debt has got to be cut at all costs it's got to be cut now, we he say let's shut some oil subsidies and they're like not so fast. they're also cutting some food starches and social security medicare medicaid and help for college students, and money for medical research, but when it comes to cutting the oh i will companies, the most profitable companies in the world they don't want to do that. you're right. we've got to, it's an organizing
8:23 pm
challenge, not enough people know about it. thank you for highlighting it. we've got to broadcast to the american people. i've got to do more to get on you the word. we've got to make it clear. >> one last question about that. if people ran their campaigns on this i think you would wipe out the republican party on this issue alone. if democrats ran against republicans, even in the reddest district of the reddest state hey, you want to give your money away to the biggest corporations in the world for no reason, they're going to say hell no. why don't the democrats run on it. >> i think some of us do. i made it a real key issue in my race so did bernie sanders. our caucus, there are a number of us who found this to be very compelling and keep on talking about it, but, you know, quite frankly, cenk, you're one of the few media outlets that gives us a chance to really go into this.
8:24 pm
if you look at the corporate mainstream press, every other commercial is about b.p. trying to represent itself as some sort of green entity. we're up against a pretty savvy and well-financed crew, and fighting back against them is not easy, but our superior numbers can overcome their superior dollars if we organize and get ourselves together, so thank you for highlying this issue. we can go a long way towards solving deficit problems by just cutting these loopholes and give aways for these oil companies and the coal companies and the natural gas companies. you know what? we do way more for them than the green industry. >> cenk: absolutely. >> it's not anywhere close to a level playing field. >> cenk: congressman progressive fighter in congress, we appreciate you joining us on oh "the young turks. >> increase. >> when we come back, a internet
8:25 pm
activist commits suicide. turns out the government might have been after something else. he might have been a source for wikileaks and that's why they were doing this enormous pressure campaign against him. >> the point is that the government was trying to make an example of him trying to say look you vital our extremely overbroad computer laws, and we're going tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and good luck. ♪
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